System changes and release notes (updated 22 May 2024)

A high-level summary of recent changes (and an MFA reminder) is provided here for reference.

Users who are not currently using multi factor authentication (MFA) to log into the DSPT are asked to visit their “My account” page to set this up (or migrate to NHSmail authentication with MFA).


22 May 2024

Changes to the automated improvement plan template for category 1 organisations

Preparation for CAF assessment (currently not launched).


28 March 2024

Usability and security enhancements.

Enhancement for support users.

Preparation for CAF assessment (currently not launched).

8 March 2024

Bug fixes and usability enhancements.

Preparation for CAF assessment (currently not launched).


25 January 2024

Any details added to the audit functionality and saved as 'draft' will be visible for editing until saved as 'final'. This makes it easier to amend draft audit details ahead of saving them as 'Final'.

A bug has been fixed with the organisation search where results were displaying incorrectly when only a small number of results were returned. 

Various updates to improve the security of the system.


07 November 2023 

IT Suppliers and OES providers will now get an exemption applied for evidence item 9.4.5 when they provide a reason for why an audit has not been completed.

The expiry date for Version 5 certificates has now been correctly set to 30 June 2024.

A bug has been fixed in incident reporting where some user input was incorrectly cleared when a non-number format was provided for the number of citizens that were affected by the incident.


01 November 2023

A bug has been fixed where publications from 2018/19 were appearing as 'Version 0'. These now appear as 'Version 1'. 

A bug has been fixed where some user accounts were failing to link with NHSmail if there was a connection failure between the two services during the process.


19 October 2023

Operators of Essential Services are now not able to choose the 'other...' sector and must re-select.

Non Operators of Essential Services who had chosen one of the following sectors must now re-select their sector to ensure they see the appropriate DSPT standard: CCG / Integrated Care Board, Commissioning Support Unit, NHS Trust OR OES Independent Provider.

Cyber Essentials Plus no longer provides equivalence to evidence item 4.5.3.

Bug fix to a support function.


11 October 2023

Organisations from ‘other’ and ‘university..’ sectors are able to provide ISO certification details (which will complete some evidence items).

All Operators of Essential Services will be required to respond to two additional questions when reporting an incident that may be reportable under the Network and Information Systems (NIS) regulations.  This previously only applied to NHS Operators of Essential Services.

Fixed a bug that prevented IT Suppliers and OES providers from publishing an assessment where they could not provide an audit.

 20 September 2023

Fixed bug that prevented users at organisations previously classed as 'company' from accessing their assessment.

Fixed bug that prevented users from choosing to authenticate via NHSmail from their account page.


13 September 2023

Organisations that have been designated as operators of essential services (OES) can now only select one of these organisation types when setting-up their organisation profile:

  • Arms Length Body (ALB)
  • Integrated Care Board (CCG/ICB)
  • Commissioning Support Unit (CSU)
  • Independent OES Provider
  • IT Supplier
  • NHS Trust
  • Other (including charities, some companies and NHS Business Partners)

Organisations that have not been designated as operators of essential services (OES) can now only select one of these organisation types when setting-up their organisation profile:

  • Arms Length Body (ALB)
  • Dentist
  • General Practice (GP)
  • IT Supplier
  • Local Authority
  • Optician
  • Other (including charities, some companies and NHS Business Partners)
  • Pharmacy
  • Social Care
  • University (including researcher and secondary use)

A new OES independent provider sector is now available. An email will be sent to all organisations that should select this organisation type in their organisation profile. See the Help article for more information: (Opens in new window).

When it is not possible to provide audit details you will be asked to provide the Toolkit year/version to help with central analysis. Further information will be shared with relevant organisations about who is expected to complete an audit.

An email will be sent to all administrators registered with an organisation when audit details are successfully provided.

IT Supplier organisations can now claim ISO 27001 equivalence exemptions via their organisation profile.


  1. We are fixing an issue affecting some organisations when they try to publish an assessment without providing audit details.
  2. We are fixing an issue affecting some organisations that cannot change their organisation profile.

We will update this release note when both issues are resolved.


30 August 2023

The 2023-24 (version 6) standard has been released.

Auditors and administrators can now expand and view all previously saved key-finding text on the check my answers screen. 

HQ and Non-HQ organisations with manually assigned branch organisations for previous publications can now select these branches themselves when publishing their V6 assessment.

A new role has been introduced to help NHS England central team cyber and policy leads to access reports to support analysis.

A new Category 1 organisation type/ sector called 'IT Supplier' has been introduced and the 'Company' type/sector has been removed. Any organisations previously in the Company sector will need to select a relevant sector from the list available. For guidance on which sector is most appropriate for your organisation view our guidance: 

All relevant organisations have been flagged as Operators of Essential Services (OES) within the product. 

05 June 2023

The audit functionality has been upgraded and is now available for use. When providing audit details, Auditor users and DSPT administrators must now provide:

  • The name of the audit provider, and the email address and name of the lead auditor.
  • The status of the audit as either draft or final.
  • 1 to many key finding details, which constitute a free-text description of each finding, a classification and a corresponding evidence item number that each finding relates to.

Additional guidance on audit functionality

An Integrated Care Board (ICB) filter is now available on the organisation search so users can filter the list to only show the organisations within 1 to many ICBs.

The Bulk emails screen is now more informative for support users. It now shows the sector list that each email was sent to.

The synchronise branches screen is now more informative for support users. It now shows a message informing users that no updates have been made if no updates are made after synchronising branches.

Certificates are now restricted to only generate for end-of-year publications.

17 May 2023

Various minor bug fixes and data updates to address support queries.

Multi-factor authentication and Audit functionality have been further enhanced, however, these changes are not yet available for users. Further information will be shared when the respective functionality is to be made available.

12 April 2023

The ability to provide audit details has been temporarily disabled whilst we work on new functionality to allow auditors to provide details of key findings. This will be enabled again in May 2023.

A new auditor role has been introduced. Users in this role can perform the same actions as the Viewer role, but can also provide audit details.

The product's logo has been updated to be NHS England following the recent merger.

ICB information has been added to the organisation search CSV download.

Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

01 February 2023

Baseline Reporting for larger NHS Trusts, ICBs, CSU and DHSC ALBs enabled.

A new simpler assessment page for the social care sector enabled, an overview of the changes is available.

26 January 2023

Changes to enable a new simpler assessment page for the social care sector to be ‘turned on’ shortly.

Changes to enable the baseline functionality to be turned on for applicable organisations shortly.

Improvements to support functionality.

Certificate information added to publication emails and confirmation email.

Other minor bugfixes and enhancements.

13 December 2022

Fixed bug opening documents from the assessment page.

Reconfiguration of infrastructure.


01 December 2022

A DSPT certificate is available to administrator users from the past publications page.

Evidence item 9.4.5 for large organisations is now automatically completed from the ‘provide audit details’ function, to avoid duplication

Development of a simplified assessment page for social care organisations (not yet released to end users)

Improvements to support functions

Improved synchronisation of HQ/Branch relationships from ODS data

Security improvements


16 September 2022

Added guidance to key roles in the organisation profile

Added toolkit year / version to the assessment page

Removal of the section of the organisation profile that asks pharmacies for their GDPR workbook

Removal of Clinical Commissioning Groups from the organisation search filter

Minor improvements for support users


24 August 2022

Organisations can assess themselves against the 2022-23 v5 DSPT standard 

The character limit for 'comments' in the assessment download has been increased.

Autocomplete suggestions for key roles in the organisation profile has been reinstated.

Improvements to handing of bulk emails to avoid potential to delay routine system emails.

Enhancements to support functionality.


10 June 2022

Large NHS organisations who are unable to provide an independent assessment / audit are now able to explain the reasons why.

Improvements to reporting for NHS Digital users.

Minor wording improvements and bug fixes.


12 May 2022

New functionality to enable administrator users at large NHS organisations to submit independent assessment / audit information through the DSPT.  

Evidence item 1.2.4 (national data opt-out) has been changed to non-mandatory to reflect the opt-out deadline is now after the DSPT year-end deadline.

New improvement planning functionality for large NHS organisations and local authorities that cannot meet the DSPT standard.  Note: this functionality has been deployed and will be ‘turned on’ and available to users soon (further details will be provided on the news page). 

Various minor enhancements and bug fixes including improved resiliance of system emails


07 April 2022

Enhancement to news and help system for NHS Digital Users.

Updated Pharmacy Tooltips

Various minor enhancements and bug fixes


21 January 2022 
Various minor bugfixes and enhancements including navigation via keyboard and error handling.

Improvements to the Standards Not Met improvement planning process for large NHS organisations.


10 December 2021
Large NHS organisations are now able to publish their 2021-22 ‘baseline’ assessment.

New functionality for national support users is available so a branch (or site) can be retrospectively removed from an HQ assessment.

Addressed an issue where it was not possible to remove date evidence via the 'Provide evidence for multiple organisations in one go' function.

Various content changes and enhancements to the user interface.


16 November 2021
The list of sectors which organisations can choose has been simplified. Most notably there is now a single category for all NHS Trusts. Categories for university departments, researchers and secondary use organisations have been combined. Sectors have been updated automatically, no action is required on the part of users although you may choose to review your 'Organisation Profile' via the admin link.

The system messaging provided when an organisation tries to publish an assessment without responding to all mandatory evidence items / assertions has been improved.

The password policy has been updated to align with good practice. You may be asked to update your password when logging in.

Cyber Essentials Plus date validation rules have been updated. Certificates must be issued within the last 12 months.


06 October 2021

“Plan agreed” status for Large NHS organisations has been renamed to: “Approaching Standards” to aid clarity for new/non-DSPT users and provide consistency with terminology used in social care DSPT assessments.

Improved handling of inactivity timeout where users have DSPT open in multiple browser tabs.

Improved wording of publication confirmation emails.

“Back to top” link added to the main assessment screen, along with ‘sticky’ filter to improve ease of navigation.


17 September 2021

Layout changes to the main assessment screen including an improved progress indicator.

Improvements to the social care assessment screen - to clear any applicable "there is a problem" publication error messages as evidence items are responded to.

Improved reporting for support users.

Improved layout on the "Provide evidence for multiple organisations in one go" feature.

Bug fixes and security enhancements.


26 August 2021

Launch of the v4 2021-2022 DSPT standard

Changes to underpinning technology (please see note on Internet Explorer 11 support)

Refinements to the view of past Approaching Standards assessments.


23 June 2021

Improvements to error handling across the site, including specifically when completing a social care approaching standards assessment.  If a user misses a question the system will highlight which particular question/s were missed.

Headings have been added to the view of past Social Care Approaching Standards assessments.  This is to bring it in to line with the screen used to complete their assessment.  


28 May 2021

Improved guidance or large NHS organisations when completing a “standards not met” assessment.

Relaxed date validation rules for cyber essentials plus certifications to reflect changes to the CEplus regime.

Improved the view of past “Entry Level” and “Approaching Standards” assessments.

Added the ability for news and help links to point directly to external sites, to provide improved navigation for users.

Improved exports for support users.


30 April 2021

Evidence item 1.4.4. (national data opt out) had been made non-mandatory and has been removed from social care 'Approaching Standards' assessments.  See more information on compliance with the national data opt out.

The 'download assessment' export (within progress dashboard and reports) now provides guidance and mandatory status for each requirement.


09 April 2021

Social Care organisations completing an 'Approaching Standards' assessment can now view any previous 'Entry Level' assessments they have published.

Various minor updates to content including corrections to out of date ODS portal links.


19 March 2021

Baseline functionality for large NHS organisations has been removed to support the completion of full assessments.

Improvements have been made to the downloadable action plan template to support social care organisations in completion of 'Approaching Standards' assessments.

For other organisations, the action plan template available from the Progress Dashboards and Reports page has also been refined.

Other minor enhancements


05 March 2021

New functionality has been launched which enables Social Care Organisations (who have not previously met the standard) to complete an ‘Approaching standards’ assessment.

The ability to complete an Entry Level assessment has been removed.

Other minor enhancements


05 February 2021

Relevant organisations can now complete a baseline assessment.

Other minor enhancements. 


22 January 2021

New pages / functionality (not yet released) which will enable social care organisations to progress from 'entry level' to a new 'approaching standards' assessment type.

Other minor enhancements. 


30 November 2020

Launch of the 20-21 Toolkit

In response to user feedback, 'User list' has been renamed 'Manage users'.  'Account' has been renamed 'My account'. 


13 November 2020

Accessibility improvements 

Bug fixes & security enhancements.   


16 October 2020

Domiciliary Care and Care Home sector categories have been merged in to a new “Social Care” category.  This change has been made at the request of those organisations who do not easily fit in to one of the previous categories.  No action is required on the part of users.

Launched new functionality to allow users to log in to the DSPT with their NHSmail account.

Added ability for NHSDigital to create more readable URLs (links) to news/help articles.  

Bug fixes & security enhancements.   


22 August 2020

Baseline assessments (applicable to NHS Trusts and other large organisations) are now excluded from the main organisation search table and CSV download.  This is to ensure full assessments have appropriate prominence.

Automated emails sent by DSPT will now come from:

Users will be notified on screen where an out of date (unsupported) Internet Explorer browser is detected.

Infrastructure changes, various bug fixes and security improvements.


06 March 2020

Smaller organisations can publish multiple Entry Level assessments.

The records of newly registered organisations (particularly GPs) have been updated so they can be found using the commissioner filter in the organisation search.

Users who visit the login page (eg via a 'favourite' link) when they are already logged in will no longer be presented with the login fields unnecessarily.

The wording of the pharmacy GDPR workbook exemption has been updated to prompt for a review date.

A new tool for NHS Digital support users has been launched which enables the branches/sites for an HQ organisation to be easily updated where the site list is incomplete.

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


31 January 2020

Headquarters functionality which is available to Care Home, Pharmacy and Optician HQs is now turned on to all applicable organisations.

Care Home and Dom Care HQ/Site relationships are now synchronised with the ODS record.

New pages/functionality (not yet released) which will enable users to choose to migrate to log in to the DSPT via NHSmail.

Improvements to internal support tools.

Bug fixes & security enhancements.


17 January 2020

Refinement to the design of evidence windows.

Status of publication is now visible in when reviewing the detail of a past publication.

Care Home HQs can now publish for Dom Care subsidiaries

New pages/functionality (not yet released) which will enable users to choose to migrate to log in to the DSPT via NHSmail.

Enhancements to the new tool for NHS Digital support users to enable us to change some elements of DSPT wording through the front-end of the toolkit.

Bug fixes.


17 December 2019

The view of past publications has been redesigned to clearly show the status of each publication and ensure consistency with the public organisation search.

New pages/functionality (not yet released) which will enable users to choose to migrate to log in to the DSPT via NHSmail.

Changes to the technology which underpins the toolkit to support future hosting improvements.

A new tool for NHS Digital support users to enable us to change some elements of DSPT wording through the front-end of the toolkit.  This will help us to change ‘inline help’ wording more quickly – when we get user feedback.

Various user interface improvements.


29 November 2019

A link to the organisation search tool has been added to the main menu.

The “account” page has been redesigned to simplify the user experience and support future addition of NHS Mail login functionality.

Where the status* of an organisation’s publication is changed by an NHS Digital administrator – full details of the change are visible to the organisation.  Please note – the status will only be changed in discussion, and in exceptional circumstances.

*eg Standards Met, Standards Not met.


15 November 2019

Improved functionality to support small organisations which have published an Entry Level assessment to work towards a full “Standards Met” assessment.  This means you can only publish one Entry Level assessment, and having done so, the toolkit will encourage organisations to move towards “Standards Met”.

Updates to the privacy notice.

Improvements to the speed of the public organisation search:

The CSV download on the organisation search now includes the year/version of assessment and baseline assessment status.

Improvements to reports and tools for NHS Digital administrators.


05 November 2019

A new, simpler ‘Entry Level’ view is available to Care Homes and Domiciliary Care Organisations that are new to the toolkit.  The system now supports these organisations to publish an Entry Level assessment before moving on to a full Standards Met assessment.

Social Care HQ and Site ODS codes / relationships have been updated and are now synchronised with the main ODS record.

Enhancements to the organisation search filters (link below). 

Where a user encounters an authentication problem they are now redirected to the login page – including where multiple tabs have been used.


24 October 2019

A new feature called: “Provide evidence for multiple organisations in one go” is now available from the organisation select page (for users who support more than one separate organisation).  This tool lets you see ‘at a glance’ how the organisations you support have responded to specific questions.  For most questions, you are also able to provide a new response to a question for all your organisations at once.  Note: this is separate from existing HQ publication functionality, which enables a single Headquarters to publish an identical assessment for multiple sites.

Improvements have been made to the organisation search functionality which is available from: you can now download the latest toolkit status of organisations in a csv file, see the history of an organisation’s toolkit assessments and the version of each assessment (eg 18/19 or 19/20).

Refinement to timeout functionality.



15 October 2019

Refinement to timeout functionality.


04 October 2019

NHS Trusts, CCGs and CSUs are able to publish a 'baseline' assessment (see separate news item for more details).

Improvements to timeout functionality.

Significant changes to the technology which underpins the toolkit to support future hosting improvements.

Improvements to the organisation search functionality - undergoing testing prior to formal release.

Improvements to the 'Provide evidence to multiple organisations in one go' (bulk evidence) functionality - undergoing testing prior to formal release).


14 June 2019

NHS Digital can now apply an “Entry Level” publication from a headquarters organisation (as well as Standards met) to multiple sites/branches.  Please raise a helpdesk call if you would like this to be completed for your latest publication.


11 June 2019

The 2019-20 (version 2) requirements have been reflected in the DSPT.  More information is available from:

Improvements to public view/organisation search functionality (undergoing testing, not yet formally released).

Improvements to bulk evidence functionality (undergoing testing, not yet formally released).


03 May 2019

Improvements to error handling

Organisation profile attachments can now be opened/reviewed in the view of past publications

Improvements to public view functionality (undergoing testing, not yet formally released)


24 April 2019

Synchronisation of Optician HQ/Branch details with ODS Data.

Reconfiguration of automated timeout/logout.

Exemptions agreed with NHD Digital are now shown in view of past publications.


4 April 2019

NHS Digital ability to associate an assessment with multiple branches (by agreement).


22 March 2019

Added the ability for larger organisation types to submit a ‘standards not met’ assessment.

Added the ability for NHS Digital to approve an action plan where a ‘standards not met assessment’ has been submitted.


8 March 2019

Added the ability for Care Home and Optician HQ organisations to publish on behalf of their branches (where this relationship is held by the Organisation Data Service).  If you would like to use this functionality, please contact the helpdesk.

The text/guidance associated with ISO 27001 status for companies and ALBs now permits users to provide the date of the last audit as an alternative to the full certification date.


26 February 2019

Fixed bug where action plan export was not available to download.

Various updates for NHS Digital Support users.

Functionality which will be subject to user research over the coming weeks (not yet released to all users).


8 February 2019

The ‘progress dashboard and reports’ page now includes functionality for users to download a report of any mandatory evidence items which they have not yet responded to.  This can be used as a ‘to-do list’ for planning purposes.

When users review previous publications, they can now see the organisation profile information provided at that time (such as their organisation’s sector and NHS mail status).

Users are notified when opening two organisation’s assessments in two tabs (the DSPT does not currently support this functionality).

Pharmacy HQ users are able to review previous publications and see any branches the assessment was published for.


30 January 2019

New feature to enable Pharmacy Headquarters organisations to publish on behalf of branches (please speak to the helpdesk to access this functionality).

Improved layout to news and help items.

Improvements to reporting tools for NHS Digital users.

Bug fixes and security improvements.


15 January 2019

New report added to progress dashboard

Improved messaging in the publication process

Certificate date validation is checked at the point of publication

Improved messaging when trying to change an evidence item within a confirmed assertion.

Bug fixes and security improvements



04 December 2018

Added ability for Companies and Arm’s Length Bodies to indicate ISO 27001 compliance (which will mark relevant evidence items as complete)

Added ability to export a PDF of a reported Incident

Added ability to export assessment as a .xlsx file within the progress dashboard page (rainbow graphs page)

Additional social care ODS codes available for self-registration.

Improvements to the publication process and other bug fixes


20 November 2018

Added ability for NHS Digital to add an evidence item exemption in appropriate circumstances

Organisations are asked to review their profile when publishing

Improvements to the publication process/pages

Bug fixes



08 November 2018

Big fixes and security improvements

Updated reporting and email functionality NHS Digital users


25 October 2018

Following a review, Local Authorities who have valid PSN certification will receive exemptions from an additional 22 evidence items.  Exemptions for 6 evidence items under assertion 6.1 and 6.3 have been removed.  Relevant organisations will be asked to confirm their organisation profile again on logging in.

Refinements have been made to the design including the page ‘header’ (to improve consistency with other government services and improve the experience when viewing on a mobile device).

Small organisations are now able to publish an “entry level” assessment, see:

Your organisation’s assessment status is now shown on the assessment page: Standard not met, Entry level (small organisations only), Standard Met, Standard exceeded.

When an incident is reported to the ICO/DHSC, the user reporting the incident will now receive full details in an email.

Administrators will now be able to add a note to a reported incident.

Details of your previous published assessment are now made available to you at evidence item level.

Improvements have been made to NHS Digital email functionality.


03 October 2018

Ability to publish an assessment from within the main assessment page

Removal of the navigation page (with yellow “buttons”)

Email functionality for NHS Digital administrators

Cleaner design to the ‘attach document’ evidence lightbox.

Accessibility and screenreader improvements (including removal of the green confirmation messages)


26 September 2018

Revised publication step (removal of pop-up window/lightbox).

Ability for large NHS organisations to publish a ‘baseline’ assessment (and associated messaging changes including to the confirmation email).

Bug fixes


6 September 2018

Indication of progress added above the filters on the assessment page (which have been moved to the right).

Various improvements to content including:

- Direct links to guidance have been added within the organisation profile.

- Updated help note for evidence items 1.7.2 and 6.1.3

- Updated help note for first incident reporting question "what has happened" - to encourage users to provide more detail (at the request of the ICO)

Updates to NHS Digital user reports.

Bug fixes.


22 August 2018

Ability for pharmacies to confirm completion of the GDPR workbook within the organisation profile (note: this can be added through the admin menu).

Where a pharmacy GDPR workbook is in place, associated evidence items will now be marked as complete.

Bug fixes.


9 August 2018

Simplification of the evidence pop-up.

Simplification of the add / change assertion owner function.

Improvements to session timeout warnings.

Improvements to the add user screen.

Updated 9.1.2 help note.

Password policy now stated from the outset when creating an account.

Language improvements to the final step of the ‘organisation profile’.

Bug fixes.


25 July 2018

Refinement to the user interface to make the system more accessible, easier to use and to improve the consistency of the interface.

Addition of reference numbers to evidence items and assertions in response to user feedback.  Please note, not all evidence items and assertions are applicable to all organisations.

NDG Standards are presented as headings in the assessment page with links to guidance, rather than a filter.

Changed “Charity” and “Researcher” sectors in the organisation profile (now “Charity / Hospice” and “Researcher / University Department”.

Added an option to the incident reporting question “have data subjects been informed” to enable a user to indicate an investigation is being carried out.

Improvements to help note for evidence items 9.4.4 and 9.2.1.  Added URLs to online help where applicable.

Added NDG standard names to the assessment progress page (rainbow graphs).

Information notice added where a user does not have javascript enabled on their browser.

Refinements to NHS Digital reporting tools.

Bug fixes.


13 July 2018

Bug fixes.


3 July 2018

Two additional questions have been added to the incident reporting process applicable to NIS organisations (NHS Trusts or ‘not known’) and potential NIS incidents only.  “Have NHS healthcare services been disrupted?” and “Has there been any clinical harm or potential clinical harm as a result of the incident?”

Incident notifications to ICO and the Department of Health and Social Care identify where an incident may be a NIS incident.

New functionality added which means published assessments are stored as a ‘snapshot’ to evidence item level.  In future, this will make it possible to view a ‘history’ of published assessments.

News items on home page are now presented in order of date updated (not date created).

Fixed bug where double clicking sometimes caused an error message.


14 June 2018

Slight relaxation to Cyber Essentials PLUS and PSN IA certificate date validation rules.

NHS Digital reporting tools.

Incident reporting automated email alerts to the Department of Health and Social Care (for appropriate incidents).

Accessibility improvements to evidence lightbox.

Updated wording to two tooltips which referred to GDPR implementation in a future tense.


24 May 18

Implementation of GDPR aligned Incident reporting system (admin users).

Fixed bug with the feedback system.

Cookies information improved.

Improved colour contrast of ‘view progress’ graphs.


17 May 18

Further development of updated incident reporting tool (ongoing – not visible to users. Please contact us if you would be willing to test).


3 May 18

Improvements to ‘pop-ups’ to aid keyboard only users, and those who use a screen reader.

Limited number of language changes in response to user feedback.

Further development of updated incident reporting tool (ongoing – not visible to users. Please contact us if you would be willing to test).

Changed colour of some page elements to improve colour contrast.


24 April 18

Addition of register link.

Improvements to wording.


29 March 18

Development of updated incident reporting tool (ongoing – not visible to users).

Ability to review a snapshot of previous published assessment.

Removed two key roles from organisation profile which were no longer deemed to be required and extended the process (Chief Exec and Head of IT Security).

Improved display and colour contrast of in-line help text. 

Improved colour contrast on some “buttons”.

Added error reporting functionality for NHS Digital support users.

Fix bug where a user supports multiple organisations, and the organisation select list is not sorted alphabetically.

Improvements to wording on assessment navigation page.

Changed language from "share" assessment to "publish" assessment.

Changed colour of some "buttons" for consistency.

NDG standards now described in filter (no longer Standard 1, Standard 2).

Organisation details page (admin user) now presents organisation code as a non-editable field.

Bug fixes.


Week commencing 26 February 18

Test / Live badge and indicator.

Ability to present evidence and tooltips tailored to three categories of organisation.

Home page text updated.

Contact information updated to reflect live helpdesk.

Organisation details page simplified.

Configuration of live service, import of organisation names and ODS codes.

Bug fixes.


Week commencing 5 February 18

Ability for user to self-register for an organisation with no existing administrator (although currently only possible by agreement).

Extensive changes to administrator functions, including simplified organisation details, and user management pages.

Extensive changes to NHS Digital “superuser” functionality to aid user support.

Addition of Test banner.

Various bug fixes.


Week commencing 22 January 18

First phase of improvements to user registration and administration.

Bug fixes.


Week commencing 8 January 18

Updates to assertions / evidence items.

Updates to help and news pages.

Changes to permitted file types.

Disclaimer text on sharing an assessment.

Ability to filter assertions by owner.

Accessibility and other bug fixes.


Week commencing 11 December 17

Ability to edit an organisation profile.

Only assertions containing mandatory evidence items need to be confirmed prior to assessment share.

Accessibility bug fixing.


Week commencing 27 November 17

Clear display of which evidence items are mandatory.

Capture of key roles within the organisation profile.

Various bug fixes.


Week commencing 13 November 17

Ability to record cyber essentials PLUS (enables some elements of your submission to be automated).

Addition of concise guidance to evidence items (where required).

Assertion confirmation box moved below evidence items – to improve “flow” for users.

Review of system accessibility.

Improved error messages (and bug reporting).

Bug fixes.


Week commencing 30 October 17

Ability to filter assertions (including by data security standard).

Addition of organisation profile questions:

- Organisation type - enables relevant assertions / evidence items to be allocated

- NHSmail - enables some elements of your submission to be automated.

Various bug fixes.


Week commencing 16 October 17

New user interface which aims to make the toolkit easier to use.

Ability to assign an owner to an assertion.

Updated assertions and evidence items.

Updated name.

Various bug fixes.