Update to the DSP Toolkit: National data opt-out non-mandatory for the 2020-21 DSP Toolkit and Spot Checks (10th May 2021)

The DSP Toolkit has been updated to make the evidence item 1.4.4. on the National Data Opt-Out non-mandatory for all sectors and advice on spot checks not being required to be physical events.

National Data Opt Out and the DSP Toolkit 20-21

The deadline for organisations in health and care to comply with the National Data Opt-Out has been extended until 30th September 2021. https://digital.nhs.uk/services/national-data-opt-out/compliance-with-the-national-data-opt-out

WIth the compliance date being later than the DSP Toolkit deadline of 30th June 2021. The relevant evidence item in the Data Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit, 1.4.4 ,has been made non-mandatory for the 2020-21 DSP Toolkit. This applies to all catergories of organisations in the DSP Toolkit.

For users of the DSP Toolkit you will notice that the evidence items is no longer marked as Mandatory and you are able to publish at Standards Met if you have not yet confirmed evidence item, 1.4.4. 

If you have already acheived compliance with the National Data Opt-Out and have provided evidence on the DSP Toolkit, it will remain in place on your DSP Toolkit, you will not lose any information provided.  

Physical spot checks and meetings

We have had some queries about evidence item 1.5.2 spots check and whether physical meetings are required for the DSP Toolkit.

Q: On Spot checks or meetings that are referenced in the evidence items of the DSP Toolkit do they need to be physical events during the COVID 19 pandemic?

A: We are happy to confim that it is perfectly acceptable that these are assessed or held digitally and remotely, given the current pandemic.

DSP Toolkit Team