Barry Moult wins ICO Award for Excellence in Data Protection 2020 – “made possible by the support of colleagues”

NHS Information Governance professional wins prestigious ICO award.

Many working in health and social care will know or be aware of Barry Moult. Earlier today he was announced as the recipient of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) third annual Award for Data Protection. The Award was originally intended to be given to him at the ICO’s Annual Conference, but this has unfortunately been cancelled due to the current COVID-19 situation, so the announcement was made on the its website at lunchtime.

On hearing he was to receive the Award, Barry said:

“I am deeply honoured and privileged to be accept this award. It has been made possible by the support of colleagues who have supported, encouraged and even challenged me over the many years. I have not always got things right, but I have learnt from my mistakes. I am thoroughly passionate about the application of Data Protection and privacy of individuals in all sectors. Before I retire I would like to see a career pathway established by the introduction of an Apprenticeship for new entrants to Data Protection and Information Governance, as well as a job profile in the NHS under Agenda for Change. I wish to thank everyone for their support and those who have trusted me to work for them and with them over many years. Please stay safe during these difficult times.”

The Awards panel, which included former winners, were particularly impressed by his commitment to protecting the Data Protection rights of NHS patients, along with his evident passion for the subject, and his desire when he retires to leave a legacy of good Data Protection practice by robustly training others.

Barry is the first to admit that he does not come with high flying Data Protection or Information Governance qualifications. He is a nurse by original trade, and simply an honest Information Governance professional with decades of NHS experience behind him as a practitioner and clinician. In the mid-2000s he formed and continues to Chair, in his own time, the first national Strategic IG Network Group (SIGN) group, based in the East of England. As part of this manages an electronic forum of nearly 200 Information Governance and Data Protection professionals which is a de facto national e-network of professionals in the field. Of equal, if not more influence has been Barry’s consistent want to pro-actively help and influence the development the former NHS IG Toolkit, re-released in 2018 as the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

Furthermore, he regularly speaks at conferences to share his lifetime of knowledge in his uniquely humorous style. Away from that limelight Barry will willingly and appropriately challenges senior Managers / Directors in the NHS both locally and nationally to try and make a positive nationwide difference in policy making and to ensure an appropriate, legal, and pragmatic use of personal data.

He is, despite having wound his career down just a little, continuing to strive to make things better, coordinating work with the National SIGN Group, to establish a more defined career and educational path for those working in health and social care Information Governance and Data Protection.

As Barry’s nominator for the Award said, the world and profession of health and social care Data Protection is a far better place for him being in it, and this Award is a fitting tribute to his achievements and drive in the field over many years.

The ICO’s announcement regarding Barry winning the Award can be found here.