Information about the Baseline submission for NHS Trusts, CCGs, CSUs and DHSC ALBs (17 October 2019)

A note about the Baseline submission for NHS Trusts, CCGs, CSUs and ALBs


Organisations are required to publish a full assessment using the Data Security and Protection Toolkit by 31 March 2020.

 The following NHS organisations – Acute trusts, Mental health trusts, Ambulance trusts, NHS Trusts providing community services, CCGs, CSUs and DHSC ALBs – are also required to publish a ‘baseline’ assessment by the end of October 2019. This is part of the DCB 0086 information standard.

If you are a Community Services provider who is not an NHS Trust you do not have to complete a baseline.

 You can publish a ‘baseline’ assessment by following the ‘publish baseline assessment’ link on the assessment page. 

A baseline publication is not a full assessment but indicates that your self-assessment is under way. Details of your baseline assessment will not be publicly viewable, only that you have completed one. The baseline publication is not formally reviewed by NHS Digital. However, with the new evidence items in the DSP Toolkit for organisations this year, a baseline assessment not only ensures organisations are completing their DSP Toolkit but also allows NHS Digital to review responses to evidence items to assess whether further tooltips or guidance are required.

Improvement plans

Organisations who have updated their Improvement plans should upload their completed Improvement plans to evidence item 1.8.2. The Improvement plans will be reviewed by NHS Digital and the status of the DSP Toolkit publication for 18-19 will be manually amended after the October submission date.

Local Authorities, who are not required to submit a baseline assessment should email their improvement plans to

If you have any queries about the baseline publication please email