Deadline extended to 4 March 2022 for Baseline submission for NHS Trusts, CSUs and DHSC ALBs (03 March 2022)

A note about extension of the deadline for the the Baseline submission for NHS Trusts, CSUs and DHSC ALBs. CCGs are not required to complete a baseline or submit any formal assurance .

Deadline extended Baseline Publication 2021

The following NHS organisations – NHS Trusts, CSUs and DHSC ALBs – are required to publish a ‘baseline’ toolkit assessment by an extended deadline of Friday 4 March 2022. CCGs are not required to complete a baseline. 

Why is the deadline extended?

The deadline has been extended to enable organisations to provide assurance as decribed in the NHS Operational Instructions and advice on improving cyber secuity resilience communication. Further details in the Cyber Associates Network (You will require a CAN login to view).

How to publish/re-publish a baseline assessment

If you have already published your baseline submission, you will be able to update these specific areas if needed and then re-submit.  You do not need to provide detailed evidence or future plans, but brief confirmation of the actions you have completed and any major findings as of the date of submission.

You can publish a ‘baseline’ assessment by following the ‘publish baseline assessment’ link on the assessment page. You will receive an email confirmation once you have published your baseline assessment.

Please publish/re-publish your baseline assessment by Friday 4 March 2022.


CCGs are not required to submit any formal assurance at the moment but should continue to follow the advice and instructions outlined in the document on improving cyber security resilience.


ALBs should submit their assurance statement for Monitoring using evidence item 8.3.4.

Further information

If you have any queries about the baseline publication, please contact us.